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We Believe Access is Central to Better Investing Outcomes

We deliver unconstrained access to unique and core investments.

We are a fiduciary; our clients’ interests come first.

We partner with our clients across all aspects of their financial lives.

We share our clients’ appetite for results.

We only succeed if our clients do.

Our clients’ needs drive everything we do.

Since we are independent and privately held, we can ensure nothing stands in the way of that.

Our Value Levers


We seek out investment opportunities regardless of where they might be found, including those that never make it to most individual investors.


We leverage an extensive ecosystem of asset managers, services providers, analysts, attorneys, accountants, capital providers and more in our work with clients.


We are free to focus on the results delivered for clients and to take the time needed to create the unique plans and programs each requires.

Message from our Founder

Don E. Childress, II, CPA, CFA
Founder & Managing Member

I believe deeply that only through passionately and individually serving clients can we all succeed. It is the bedrock upon which Childress Capital Advisors was built.

Prior to forming Childress Capital Advisors, I had chosen to work for only three firms during my 30-year career: Price Waterhouse, Goldman Sachs, and Barclays/Stifel. Longevity, stability, and consistency have helped me deliver excellent client service.

I appreciate that large firms can provide intellectual rigor and pockets of innovation.

But size brings a company-first mindset, bureaucracy, internal resistance to anything that is “not created here,” and a drive for scale, speed, and efficiency, all at the expense of the client experience. These can act as barriers to providing clients exceptional service and superior results.

Based on my years working with clients and having evaluated many approaches, I am convinced that being independent and privately-held is the best way for the team at Childress Capital Advisors to deliver an exceptional financial home for our clients and our own families.

As our client, your needs and interests drive everything we do. We look forward to working with you.

Our clients’ interests = Priority #1

We are fiduciaries. Serving our clients exceptionally well accrues to everyone’s benefit.